kitchen table math, the sequel: Laurie Rogers on the Delphi Technique

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Laurie Rogers on the Delphi Technique

I remember, back when I started writing ktm-1, somebody mentioning the Delphi technique. At the time, I thought: that's a little far-out.

Now I think: what a helpful explanation!

My own district has been using a variant of the Delphi technique in its Budget Forums, but we seem to be past that now. I'm told that, at the last forum, someone stood up and suggested that employees take a pay cut in order to prevent further tax increases and the room burst into applause.


lgm said...

One of the town supervisors stood up at our first budget forum this year and took all the tension out by saying that compensation is out of line compared to other gov't jobs with similar educational levels and responsibilities and needed to be adjusted. Massive applause.

The teachers and admin came out with slightly greater than 5% raises last year, while the free/red lunch percent soared. It's sobering to realize that the budget will increase 2 mil every year (that's 2% of this year's budget) just for step raises that are more than most private industry people have seen in the last ten years. Perhaps it would be more reasonable for public school workers to be on a GS type of chart, with defined responsibilities and a salary cap on the position.

Catherine Johnson said...

How many students in your district, lgm? (You're here in NY, right?)

Catherine Johnson said...

Step increases for us cost around $300K a year, I think. (1799 kids in the district & falling)

That's just step increases, not COLAs.

Then there's the $47 million in debt.

lgm said...

Students - about 5600. About 1000 classified. We have a lot of specialists, since we have the type of population and tenured instructors that mean rTi and double period English and Math classes must be offered. Also running an alternative middle and high school.