kitchen table math, the sequel: under the Christmas tree, part 1

Sunday, December 26, 2010

under the Christmas tree, part 1

Yesterday morning I got up, came downstairs, and there under the tree was a bright and shiny new curriculum administrator wrapped up a red bow!


Crimson Wife said...

A new administrator who actually had some sense in his/her head might be a great thing. Think of all the improvement that might be forthcoming if the district hired a Singapore Math/traditional grammar/Core Knowledge fan. Not that the typical ed school grad would be one, but still we can hope...

Catherine Johnson said...

That's exactly the administrator we won't hire.

Our current curriculum administrator recommended, last year, continuing with Math Trailblazers instead of adopting Singapore Math, on grounds that:

1. "There is no perfect curricula."
2. "American teachers get less on-the-job training than McDonald's workers."
3. Trailblazers is very similar to Singapore Math; our teachers are already doing a lot of what Singapore Math does.

Catherine Johnson said...

It was our first curriculum director who chose Math Trailblazers.