kitchen table math, the sequel: Hello!

Sunday, September 7, 2014


I've been Swallowed Up by Events (a story for another day) ---- and now, I aim to be back.


TerriW said...

Great timing!

I'm kicking off my first week of two new co-op classes this morning -- "Fun With Math" -- presented completely without irony, one section for early elementary, one for upper elementary. No instruction, just an hour of drills and games.

Spreading the lower-g gospel of automaticity.

(The upper elementary class filled quickly and has a waiting list, so it's good to know there are folks out there who value drill.)

M&M said...

Along with my regular homeschool co-op classes (the usual Pre-Alg - Alg 2), I am also running a Math Games class for younger elementary that is just Times Tables and Math Games so that they can also get automaticity and fluency!! There are a number of Great games out there that help kids gain fluency, AND I am on a Kickstarter project for two new games, one is called Primo (and is all about Prime Numbers) and the 2nd is Code Monkey Island (okay,not so much math, but logic).

Here is to a GREAT math year!!!!