kitchen table math, the sequel: Merry Christmas | Happy Chanukkah

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas | Happy Chanukkah

From the annals of persistence:

Ed just spent ages figuring out how to watch The Interview on TV (via YouTube, via Roku, which turned out not to be plugged in. At all. As in, not plugged in to the TV or the wall socket. Things went downhill from there.)

This may have to become a Christmas Eve tradition.

I must say ... I'm enjoying the fact that this is the movie that stopped Sony in its tracks.

Good grief.

In other news, this is the first year we have ever had Christmas presents under the tree!

Meaning: this is the first year Andrew has been willing to leave Christmas presents under the tree unmolested. We used to have to lock wrapped presents in the car so Andrew couldn't get to them.

Needless to say, the Andrew menace led to a distinctly not-fun practice of wrapping all the presents Christmas Eve.

No more!

Another innovation: Andrew wrote out a Christmas list.


TerriW said...

Not only the website where you can buy it, but the program you can use to access the website. Excellent! There will be no roadblocks to Barney.

(Very Merry Christmas to you all.)

Barry Garelick said...

Still didn't get my electric Saran Wrap dispenser, but otherwise, I did fairly well! M. Christmas!

Catherine Johnson said...

I bought wayyyy too much stuff, but it was great seeing it all piled up under the tree!

This morning Andrew was downstairs at his computer, and when Ed called him he bounded up the stairs --- something he has never done before.

Half the time we have to send an extraction team down to get him.

He got the whole thing this year: the wanting, wishing, and the waiting.

He even managed not to have a nervous breakdown when all the presents were unwrapped, which he normally does have.

He responds by obsessively asking for more stuff now, now, now.

Today he was obsessively asking for more Barney books, and handing Ed the printout of the desired Barney book, so I finally wrote "Baby Bop Pretends," or whatever it was, on the wall calendar for January 2 ---- and he got over himself!

I think he must semi-panic every time he thinks that buying-and-getting are 'over.'

Now he's got the concept that a couple of weeks from now another Barney could appear.


Catherine Johnson said...

I need a package tape dispenser that actually works.