kitchen table math, the sequel: Skinner & the need for speed

Monday, July 9, 2007

Skinner & the need for speed

Precision Teaching inherited "rate of response" and "cumulative response recording" from B. F Skinner. This legacy is unique since Precision Teaching is the only instructional system derived from Skinner's work to use his monitoring method exclusively. Other instructional systems adopted Skinner's descriptive language, reinforcement strategies, response shaping, and stimulus fading strategies, but not his behavior monitoring methods. This is surprising because Skinner considered rate of response and the cumulative response recorder to be his major contributions (Skinner, 1976).
Precision Teaching's Unique Legacy from B.F. Skinner (pdf file)
Ogden R. Lindsley

I'm hoping I don't have to learn what logarithms are before I figure out how to use a "standard celeration chart." I'm going to be learning logarithms pretty soon here, but.... I'd just as soon not wait.

On the other hand, I'm not sure there's anyone out there who can tell me exactly how fast C. ought to be doing FOIL calculations. So am I really going to make good use of $80-bucks worth of standard celeration charts from Sopris West?

(free charts here)

Don't answer that.

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