kitchen table math, the sequel: An ode to progressive education.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

An ode to progressive education.

Who can compete with all that fun as educators prepare the young for their world? See the kiddies happily dancing into the world of tomorrow.

Meet Kilpatrick, Bagley (a critic of progressive education) and Dewey himself. I think this video is from the 40s.


Sam-Is-Mad said...

I love the fact that in the bad old days the children learnt how to spell "impossible" words.

Catherine Johnson said...

oh my god

how did you find this?????

Catherine Johnson said...

I'm speechless!!!!!

Catherine Johnson said...

Here's a hypothesis.

Project-based high school classes are going to increase the drop-out rate.

Or, alternatively, increase the mental drop-out rate.

Instructivist said...

[how did you find this?????]

A reader of my site pointed me to a constructivist site where the clip is linked.

It's a site that revels in so-called 21th century skills and Dewey worship.