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Friday, February 22, 2008

How To Study, from A Pro

From the British Psychological Society's blog, BPS Research Digest:

Some advice from Nate Kornell:

Although as students we have all spent countless hours studying, we receive little guidance in how to study effectively. There are no shortcuts to effective studying, but in general, being actively involved in learning makes studying effective. Some specific points are obvious: pay attention in class, do the reading, don’t procrastinate, while others should be obvious but aren’t: study in a quiet place without distractions, don’t send text messages during class, ask questions if you are confused.

Here are three unintuitive but very effective ways of studying based on findings from psychological research:

Also check out Professor Kornell's webpage for more provocative information.


Catherine Johnson said...


you read my mind

I've been trying to figure out how to get Earth Science into my head & then, immediately after I do that, into C's head - and all of this in time for Regents.


Catherine Johnson said...

This site is fantastically helpful.

One thing: he has a free link to the Rohrer - Pashler study: Increasing Retention Without Increasing Study Time