kitchen table math, the sequel: liveblogging the lunar eclipse

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

liveblogging the lunar eclipse

thank God someone's doing it...


Catherine Johnson said...

It's freezing out there; plus I can't see the damn moon because the trees are in the way.

Christian just tried to take a picture with his cel phone.

yeah, that'll add to the drama

Anonymous said...

100% heavy cloud cover and rain, here. I guess I'm waiting a couple years till the next one. 2010, right?

Anonymous said...

It is freezing, but I turned on the car engine and sat in the driveway and watched for a while. Spectacular! I can almost see the moon from my living room windows but the angle is wrong. Beautiful clear night.

Supposedly Saturn is in the night sky now, just to the left of the moon. Anybody know if it is the nearest, reasonably bright object (immediately to the left, right now)

Living in the country has its advantages.

VickyS said...

Not live anymore, I guess, but we sure saw a spectacular display! The night sky is clear here in the Twin Cities (although you will freeze your behind off if you stay out too long). At 8:15 pm CST the cold, bright, full moon was about half covered, then at 9pm (when we left basketball practice) it was almost completely covered, kind of sandy-looking; you could see it, but it was mottled.

There was one bright "star" to the left, and down a bit. Was that Saturn?? I didn't know you could see Saturn without a telescope.

I'm a biochemist; I plead ignorance. I didn't even know there was a lunar eclipse today! Gotta catch KTM earlier in the day, I guess.

concernedCTparent said...

We were pretty lucky it seems. The kids and I had a good view of the moon from a few of our windows. Alex got out her science book to explain what a lunar eclipse is to the younger two. When we turned out all our lights, the view was beautiful. Catching a view of Saturn was a bonus.