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Saturday, May 24, 2008

not even wrong: the sticker


If these babies didn't cost 80 bucks for 50, I'd get myself a batch and head over to Columbia Teachers College.

I think I'd get to work on the Lucy Calkins oeuvre first.


Michael Paul Goldenberg said...

What does it say about you that you have a count-down to summer vacation widget on your blog? I teach in a year-round school for at-risk high school kids in an inner-city urban environment in Michigan. Ed School forgot to teach me to go for big bucks and summers off and the feeling that getting away from my job for several months is part of being an educational professional. Silly me.

Redkudu said...


I think there's been a misinterpretation of some sort. The owner of this blog is a parent, not a teacher. I take the countdown widget to mean she is looking forward to spending time with her family over the summer vacation. Your accusation seems strangely misplaced.

Jo Anne C said...

I smile every time I log on to KTM II and see that count down widget.

Catherine Johnson said...

I can't even remember what was going on when I posted that. Some crisis or other.

Now it's just fun to see.

Actually, now it's starting to be SLIGHTLY aversive because time is flying.

Catherine Johnson said...

Speaking of time flying, I got going on the clicker training today!

Pretty cool.

The dogs were way easier than Andrew. I'm going to have to think about how to get started with him.

The TAGTeach web site has a page on clickers & autism, so I'm going to see if there's something to read there.

With the dogs, I have not had the promised breakthrough - the breakthrough where the dogs "learn to learn."

Both dogs have semi-learned to touch a target stick, though. (wood spoon)

Of course, then I ran out of dog treats.


Catherine Johnson said...

I have two HUGE goals for the summer:

* get Andrew's behavior under control

* get going with GrammarTrainer (also Andrew)

The behavior goal is extremely important because Andrew will be going into the high school class & the teacher there, who has been Jimmy's teacher for lo these many years, was very sick this spring (pneumonia with complications).

We were scared to death.

She seems good now but I really can't stand the thought of Andrew putting a lot more stress on her physical healthy.

Of course, I say that, and meanwhile he's been pretty damn hard on his current teacher, who is a trooper. (OK, now I feel guilty...)

Both of these teachers are fantastic.