kitchen table math, the sequel: more schools behaving badly

Friday, March 30, 2007

more schools behaving badly

You guys are too much.

From the Comments thread to More Fun with Middle School!

from Myrtle:

The first contact my school has had with me via email was a few days ago. It was a "kindergarten round-up" and the remainder of the email spelled out the legal ramification for providing false documents and then an explanation of how they would call the police and you WOULD be investigated if you didn't provide a birth certificate within a month of enrolling since this might be evidence that you had kidnapped the child. (They didn't use kidnapped but some other phrase)

Lovely. Just gave me the warm and fuzzies. It's like having a boyfriend spell out on a first date exactly how he will beat you up if you cheat on him, "just FYI!"

vintage Doug:

I think it would be only fair if you were to respond to this importunate demand for documentation with a list of circumstances which would cause you to swear out a child-abuse complaint against the kindergarten teacher and the school administration.

Just so everyone's on the same page, don't you know.

Doug checked:

I think in Texas schools are legally exempt from any sort of CPS investigation. A friend of mine's chld suffered a bad concussion and the school never called an ambulance. The ER doctor called CPS, the child spent time in ICU. CPS said they couldn't investigate it because it was a public school. It was the school's responsibility to do their own investigation.

And there is a cap on how much they can be sued for civilly.( I think in Texas the ISDs have their own police force) and at one point it was proposed to legally fine parents who don't show up to conferences.

This happened in my suburban district. And I can't explain why I don't feel like voting yes on their bond proposals. Maybe it's their stellar public relations outreach and customer satisfaction guaranteed or your property taxes refunded.

Yeah, we're all on the same page.

PS I'm betting they bully their teachers the same way they bully the parents.

Susan S:

Hey, he got a "C". Isn't that average?

Reading this I had one of my not-infrequent moments of empathy for our public school educators and their active dislike of parents.

We really are a pain in the tochus.

But that's what makes us great!

(And, ummm, we'd probably be less obnoxious if we didn't get stuff like this in the mail.)

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