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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Planet Earth

My mom says this show is going to be great.

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Instructivist said...

It looks like a great show. I am recording all episodes.

There is a fantastic response from Tracy W to the 21th century conumdrum inanity (from the parent involvement specialist) in the Ed Week comments section.

It deserves to be put up front here.

This is what Tracy is responding to:

cruising Edweek
Response From: Dona/Parent Involvement Specialist/Early Reading First

03/21/2007 9:32AM
The problems our children will have to solve in the 21st century are, for the most part, problems we have not anticipated in the same way that the problems we encountered were not the ones our parents and teachers had solved in their pasts. Teaching children that there are RIGHT and WRONG answers, with such high stakes that entire school districts and most parents are seized with the outcomes of testing, does not give our children the skills and self-confidence they need to solve the unique problems they will encounter in their futures.
Standardized Expectations vs. Creative Thinking