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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Zig's New Book

The Outrage of Project Follow Through: 5 Million Failed Kids Later

Chapter 1: Before Project Follow Through (January 22)
Chapter 2: Project Follow Through Begins (January 29)
Chapter 3: Follow Through Continues (February 5)
Chapter 4: During Follow Through (February 12)
Chapter 5: Follow Through Evaluation (February 19)
Chapter 6: Follow Through Aftermath (February 26)
Chapter 7: The New Millennium (March 5)


Catherine Johnson said...

So all he's got posted right now is Chapter 1, right?

I'm wondering whether my agent would represent the book...

Catherine Johnson said...

Smartest Tractor!

It's you!

(I hadn't even looked at "Posted by" - I just assumed it was Ken!)