kitchen table math, the sequel: Andrew

Sunday, March 4, 2007


So today Andrew has been Googling:

  • Hugo Chavez
  • BMWs

That can't be good.


Unknown said...

When he starts googling Che Guevara, it's time for an intervention.

Catherine Johnson said...

You know, I've been joking about this, but it really does concern me.

Autistic people as a general rule lack common sense - I'm going to feel terrible if I'm insulting readers who haven't written comments.

I'm trying to think of a non-hurtful way to say this....

The obsession level, the living-in-your-own-little-world worries me that Andrew may at some point manage to be able to live in the world (which is a horrific thing to say, I know)---and then what?

When we visited my best friend Cindy, who told me her son Ryan might want to work for the U.N., I said, "Well that's good, because when Andrew chains himself to the gates he'll have a friend inside."

Catherine Johnson said...

That's a terrible thing to say, and I hope everyone here knows I don't mean it. If Andrew can "make it out," so to speak, that's going to be a dream come true.

But when I try to imagine what Andrew would be like as a "marginal adult," which is realistically what he would be, I worry.

Of course it doesn't pay to worry because the worries you have are never the worries you get.

I know that from long experience.

I need to worry about getting him some dental work before I worry about getting him unchained from the U.N.