kitchen table math, the sequel: edu-jargon

Wednesday, December 26, 2007



I'm very amused by this.

Educational Jargon Generator.


le radical galoisien said...

I am (constructively) sure this will definitely cultivate multidisciplinary critical thinking.

LynnG said...

Where is "rubric"?

Actually, jargon changes so quickly, it would be tough to keep the thing up-to-date. But it's fun to play with it.

Catherine Johnson said...

I was trying to remember where the heck this link was the other day!

Redkudu said...

I'd discovered this long ago and completely forgotten about it.

I think I may create a bingo game with it, and pass it around to a few education malcontents/confidantes come Jan. 7th staff development.

It will give us a reason to listen, and watch the powerpoints.