kitchen table math, the sequel: authoritative parenting and smoking

Saturday, July 12, 2008

authoritative parenting and smoking

Background: Research on adolescent cigarette smoking has attempted to measure the role of parents in preventing smoking experimentation and uptake. However, aspects of parental influence have often been limited to parental smoking behavior or antismoking socialization. Only a limited number of studies considered the hypothesis that the influence of parenting on adolescent current cigarette smoking may extend beyond parental behavior and antismoking socialization to consider broader measures of the parent–child relationship, such as parenting style.


Results: Authoritative parenting was associated with a reduction in the odds of adolescent current cigarette smoking...

Discussion: Interventions may want to educate parents about authoritative parenting, which includes the importance of having appropriate and routine conversations with their children, requiring chores, and implementing general rules and boundaries.

Understanding the Association Between Authoritative Parenting and Adolescent Smoking

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