kitchen table math, the sequel: good-bye...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

good-bye... the New York Sun.

Here's hoping Andrew Wolf will write a blog.


Barry Garelick said...

Elizabeth Green, a reporter of the former NY Sun, will be guest-blogging on Eduwonk next week.

Let's hope she doesn't endorse Everyday Math!

Catherine Johnson said...

Elizabeth Green .... uh-oh.

I'm pretty sure Elizabeth Green wrote the SUN story on PURE....let me check.


Parents Getting Into the Mix On Improving Public Schools

Here's Alexander Russo on Chicago's
Local School Councils, which is what Green is writing about.

And here's PURE

And: a critique of the LSC's from the left (which I've only skimmed thus far).

Green's article is pretty weak reporting, IMO.

Catherine Johnson said...

parents getting "into the mix" --- yippee!

parents who just so happen to be against charter schools!

there aren't a lot of politically active "parents" out there who are against charter schools

Catherine Johnson said...


Makes a Good Classroom Lesson?

3 principles of authentic learning*

* Construction of Knowledge
Lessons require students to organize, interpret, and explain information. Students build on prior knowledge produced by others; they do not merely memorize and repeat information.

* Disciplined Inquiry
Lessons require students to use established knowledge, work towards an in-depth understanding of problems, and explain their ideas or solutions through complex spoken or written language.

* Value Beyond School
Lessons have consequences or impact in the real world.

*Adapted from Newmann and Wehlage (1995) by Center for Law and Education (CLE), a national support center for schools and parents based in Washington, D.C. What