kitchen table math, the sequel: windows to the soul

Sunday, March 22, 2009

windows to the soul

photo by álfheiður erla


Catherine Johnson said...

I was trying to figure out flickr when I came across this photo.

It was a case of synchronicity. Last night & this morning Surfer and I had two exchanges of protracted eye contact that, yet again, made me think: wow.

I wish Surfer could speak English or I could speak Tennessee mongrel.

My neighbor says Surfer is my gentleman escort.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever watched the show "Lie to Me". It's on Fox and is based on the premise that facial expressions and body language are universal. A lie in China looks the same as a lie in America. Distaste looks the same. Shame looks the same.

It makes me think that our facial expressions preceeded language. To my knowledge we're the only species that has enough facial muscles to do expressions in the first place.

Sometimes I long to see my dogs just smile. That would be enough to know. I read their body language all the time but somehow it leaves me wanting. Are they wiggling because of me or would anything that fed them get a wag?