kitchen table math, the sequel: vendor watch: Race Around the World

Sunday, March 1, 2009

vendor watch: Race Around the World

It's Learning at the Extreme!

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SteveH said...

As I metioned on another thread, this is what my son was doing last week. They called it "Race Week" at school. In math, one of the activities was to convert nautical miles to statute miles. In language arts, one of the things he did was to create a baseball card-like write-up of one of the crewmen. He also drew a sailor's coat of arms. I told him that there is no such thing. They did all of these thematic things and put them in a portfolio. I saw it in his backpack, but didn't have the courage to open it up.

It would be bad even for fourth grade, let alone seventh and eighth grades. It doesn't help that some of my software is used to design these boats. Learning at the Extreme is just play learning. How can one talk about educational issues with a school that's on another planet?