kitchen table math, the sequel: fun with blogs

Thursday, April 9, 2009

fun with blogs

Commoner Captures Princess, Blog Version

How did I miss all this?!


Well, nothing quite that fun is going on around here, and nothing that fun will be going on around here because I have discovered, just this week, that if I'm going to meet kitchen table math people in person (a good idea), I might want to meet their kids most of all.

I discovered this after spending Tuesday afternoon with Allison and her two children ----- oh. my. gosh. They are so dear, so smart, and soooooo new.

I had no idea how much I missed little ones.


Ben Calvin said...

You must come out to SF then.

Independent George said...

Let me know the next time you're back in Chicago. No kids, but, as you know, I do have the World's Cutest Dog.

Allison said...

And to all of the rest of the posters and bloggers here, Catherine is a princess among women, so to speak! Meet her for any adventure you can rustle up!

Honestly, she's even more Catherine in person than she is on the blog--as brilliant and moving in a hundred directions at once as you'd expect, with even more energy in person!

It was such a delight to meet her, and next time, will plan something more iconoclastic. I think she'd be up for anything!

CassyT said...

How about something next week in D.C., perhaps a KTM meetup? Both NCTM and NCSM will be in town.

Barry Garelick said...

Sounds like a good idea, and sorry I will miss out on any meet-ups, since I will be out of town from Wed through Saturday. Too bad!

If you go to the NCTM annual meeting, make sure to hear John Hoven's presentation of the paper we wrote on Singapore Math.

CassyT said...

John Hoven is on my list as well as Dr. Ban Har Yeap. Any session requests? I have some openings. Session directory can be found here: NCTM Online Planner or coming soon at the NCTM Conference Ning