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Sunday, May 3, 2009


Irvington Union Free School District

2000-2001: $25,124,756.00 (enrollment: 1744)
2008-2009: $50,583,424.00 (enrollment: 1888)


GoogleMaster said...

Houston Independent School District

2008-2009: $1.7 billion

Irvington: upper class, mostly white, few ELL students ( and report median household income in the 100K-150K bracket, 62% of adults have at least a bachelor's degree, 1% ELL, 0% free/reduced lunch)
Irvington: nearly $27K per student

Houston: 81% eligible for free/reduced lunch, 93% Title I, 31% low English proficiency, 8% ESL (not sure whether these are included in the LEP)
Houston: not quite $9K per student

What's wrong with this picture?

Catherine Johnson said...

The whole thing is horrifying, and people are reeling.

At least, I'm reeling.

Catherine Johnson said...

Chappaqua has terrific pages up explaining how things got to this pass (same pass up there as here, but their board told the administration that they were going to zero on the new budget & they did).

The Chappaqua school board materials make me think Chappaqua schools may be as good as they're said to be. (You can never tell with affluent schools: how much of the kids' achievement is parents & tutors?)

I "got an education" about budgets & New York state education law reading Chappaqua materials.

Catherine Johnson said...

Chappaqua Central School DistrictChappaqua Board of Education Budget InformationI especially like the graph called "The Challenging Reality of Compounding." (3rd page of Budget Spending Per Pupil6th item down

Catherine Johnson said...


don't know why the formatting is so strange