kitchen table math, the sequel: $27,722.32 per pupil spending

Monday, June 1, 2009

$27,722.32 per pupil spending

Irvington Union Free School District

2008 - 2009
enrollment: 1888
budget: $50,583,424
per pupil: $26,792

projected enrollment: 1840
budget: $51,009,065
per pupil: $27,722.32

Over the weekend I talked to a friend I hadn't seen in a while.

She and her husband spend each school night getting their child through homework the child is not able to do alone. Then, each morning, they give their child a math quiz. Dad has a Ph.D. in a math-related field so he knows what math is and what kids must do to learn it.

Irvington teachers don't give math quizzes. Nor do they, as a rule, collect and correct homework. Providing distributed practice isn't their job.

I would like to know how high our per pupil spending would be if you included the tutoring fees and the lost salary of parents who are teaching instead of working.


Luke said...


And for that, we could buy even the most expensive homeschool options and pay my wife a great salary to stay home with the kids [smile].


Catherine Johnson said...


This is madness -- particularly in that under the current superintendent the place has taken on the tone & practices of a big-city highly centralized urban school district.

I went to the Main Street School the other day to see the psychologist, who had asked me to come in.

When I went inside the office, which used to be a warm and friendly place, the administrative assistant said, without looking up from her work, "Wait in the lobby, please."

So I had to go back out into the hallway in front of the gym and wait there.

My feeling: next time you want to see me, you get in your car and drive to my house.

(The psychologist is great, btw -- he's not the problem. The administration is the problem.)

Catherine Johnson said...

Care to guess how many voters we have?

GoogleMaster said...

I'm glad we're not spending $27K/student. That would be triple what we're spending now, which means my property taxes would be 6% annually instead of 3% (only 1.5% is for the school district).

Sometimes I think Catherine lives in an alternate universe that's even crazier than the one the rest of us live in.

Catherine Johnson said...

Sometimes I think Catherine lives in an alternate universe that's even crazier than the one the rest of us live in.well, that's my question - am I living in an alternate universe???

I can't tell.