kitchen table math, the sequel: Ohio City, Idaho

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ohio City, Idaho

Buy it here. (Yahoo Answers explains.)


Allison said...

I'm buying one for Josh right now!!!

And I'm laughing so hard I'm crying, too.

Anonymous said...

When I was at the University of Iowa in the 80's, the University Bookstore sold a t-shirt that said "University of Iowa, Idaho City, Ohio". I like the sound of that one better.

Anonymous said...

Oh, duh. I should have clicked on your link. Sorry.

ElizabethB said...

Most of my husband's relatives live in Idaho.

One year someone bought almost everyone a copy of "Is Idaho in Iowa?: The Dumbfounding Confusion" by Tim Woodward

I'm not sure if it was any good or not since we did not get a copy, but the title is funny!

On a related note, when we lived in New Mexico, several times I actually had to inform people that it was part of the United States, they would tell me they couldn't ship to me, they could only ship to the United States! (It happened several times over the 2 or 3 years we lived there.)

Catherine Johnson said...

<< University of Iowa, Idaho City, Ohio >>

I think that's the one that was around when I was there.

Though I'm fond of the "Iowa University" label on this shirt -- I kinda like the fact that even the name of the university is wrong!

Catherine Johnson said...

"when we lived in New Mexico, several times I actually had to inform people that it was part of the United States"

When Russia invaded Georgia, one of C's friends thought Russia had actually invaded the state of Georgia.

"Why would the Russians want to invade Georgia?" he asked.

I must say....the fact that he was just asking, as opposed to horrified that THE RUSSIANS HAVE INVADED GEORGIA, makes that story even worse.

Catherine Johnson said...

He's enrolling in a Catholic high school this fall, so I'm assuming they'll straighten him out.

ElizabethB said...

The Georgia thing is sad, but I'm sure he's in good (bad) company, unfortunately.

I took a semester of Russian in college, they designed their own program (I thought it was a bad thing in the time--we didn't even have REAL books! But, they were better than any Russian textbook out there, I have since realized that they designed a great program. Yes, experience helps with many things!!)

Anyway, we had to learn a bit about each of the ?republics? (I'm not sure that's the right term) in the Soviet Union. I remember thinking at the time that this was useless information, why would I need to know that the Ukraine was the bread basket of the USSR or that Georgia had a balanced mix of industry, and food? A few years later, I saw the significance of these facts and had quite a head start on all the names of the new countries.