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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kindles for math

from the Comments section:

I have a kindle on which I read articles, fiction and light non-fiction all the time. I would not want to use it for text books. It simple doesn’t display tables well. And when you have to go back and forth, as is often the case in math and science textbooks to understand formulas etc, it is cumbersome and one can get easily lost.

Whoever recommended that should actually spend time with a Kindle.

— Octavian

Democratic Group’s Proposal: Give Each Student a Kindle

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Catherine Johnson said...

You know...I'm going to guess that the public school vendor crowd won't embrace Kindles as the new-new thing.

Public schools today aren't very interested in books of **any** kind, so why would you want a dedicated device for reading books?

You wouldn't.

In my district, the curriculum is turning into Google.