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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

still here - (sort of)

I'm sorry for the long absence - my brain is fried. Some of you probably remember that my mom fell and fractured her pelvis in mid-August (August 12, to be exact); we've been dealing with the "sequelae" ever since:

Evanston ER
Evanston ICU
Evanston CCC
Brentwood Skilled Nursing Facility
Highland Hospital ER
Highland Hospital ICU
Highland Hospital whatever-is-below-ICU (she moved today)

A friend said yesterday that we are under siege, and that's the way it feels.

Nevertheless, I've checked back into Irvington doings (links below) - & will get back here soon.

Forum discussion of new hire

board member Robyne Camp re: hiring of temporary assistant superintendent
David K response
me: put content specialists in charge of content
board member John Dawson responds
David K response
Ed B response
David K
Adele F
5 assistant superintendents in 8 years?

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