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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

extremely short notice: precision teaching conference this weekend

I am desperate to go to this conference:

International Precision Teaching Conference
2009 Conference Program
The Standard Celeration Society Presents
Precision Teaching and Science:
Candles in the Dark
The 22nd Annual International Precision Teaching Conference

October 29-31, 2009
Hosted by Penn State University
Nittany Lion Inn
University Park, PA 160802-3109

There are a lot of sessions on teaching people with autism, but given the project I'm working on now, I'm particularly interested in is this session:

Using the SCC to Measure Changes in Ourselves

conference program (pdf file)

There's a sample chart in the program - worth studying.



Yahoo Maps says 4 hr 23 min drive time. That's about 3 hours 53 min more Behind the Wheel Spanish than I can bear in one sitting.

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palisadesk said...

C'mon! I'll be there. Slightly longer drive. Great people, you won't be sorry. This will be my fifth or sixth and I can't imagine how I got along without what I have learned since going to them.