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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beyond Singapore's Mathematics Textbooks


The winter issue of American Educator will be available online (I believe) on 18 December. In the meantime, I have received several boxes, as this issue contains an article I co-authored, Beyond Singapore's Mathematics Textbooks: Focused and flexible supports for teaching and learning.

If you are not a member of American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and would like to receive a hard copy, please email me privately ( with your mailing address.

Happy holidays to all!




Jennifer said...

The winter issue of American Educator is now online

Patsy Wang-Iverson said...

Hi Jennifer,

The url seems to be truncated. Let me try and see what happens:

Thanks for the alert!


kprugman said...

Before going beyond Singapore textbooks, perhaps US textbooks can go beyond decimal points and fractions. Michigan's biggest export aside from textbooks and teachers are hs dropouts. Detroit has a graduation rate of 24.9%. The greatest flaw in the US economy is its education system.

Anonymous said...

The NSF funded education research is a hoax - US experts will not make meaningful comparisons of reform math, traditional math, and Singapore textbooks because their findings would jeopardize the entire textbook industry. It is pointless to have millions of teachers engage in useless time writing standards on classroom boards when students aren't being engaged in productive activity. Stop profiteering and child abuse.

kprugman said...

Who is Wang-Iverson kidding, the textbook publishers and the AAAS are wagging the NCTM's tail.