kitchen table math, the sequel: Late, but unique opportunity

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Late, but unique opportunity


I apologize for sending this message at such a late date. It is directed toward those flexible individuals in the DC area. ;->

There will be a workshop on fractions presented in DC by one of only two mathematics master teachers in Singapore on Friday, 11 December from 1 - 4:30pm. There are a few spaces available. If you are interested and able to participate, please email me:

Again, my apologies for the late notification.



ChrisA said...

Oh I would really like to send the Middle School Geometry and Algebra teachers to this workshop. Unfortunately it's too far away and I'm sure they would have little interest and I'm absolutely positive that the school district would have less.

At the moment both the Algebra I and Geometry classes have combined to review fractions. Here is a "challenge" problem that is posted on the Geometry teachers school web page for this section:

You can use the number lines to solve Felix’s problem.

Felix went to the mall to find the best price on blue jeans. At the first store, Blue Jeans Plus, the sale price is $19.95 per pair. The second store, Mr. Green Jeans, has a deal when you buy three pairs of jeans you get the first pair at the regular price, the second pair for 15% off and the third pair for 20% off. Felix went to the mall on Saturday and could not figure out which store he should buy his jeans from so he bought some jeans from both stores with the idea that he will return the jeans that cost the most. That weekend Felix spent a total of $113.75 at the mall on 6 pairs of jeans.

1. What is the price of one pair of jeans at Mr. Green Jeans?

2. If the price per pair of jeans at Mr. Green Jeans was $22.00 which store has the best deal?

3. Find the store that Felix should take the jeans back to. Try to explain your reasoning using number lines.

4. If Felix wanted to buy two pairs of jeans where should he shop?

Number lines? While it may make sense for Algebra I students that don't have the tools yet, if I were the geometry teacher I'd be asking my students to do the problem with algebra.

Beam me up.

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