kitchen table math, the sequel: New York loses Race to the Top Funds?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New York loses Race to the Top Funds?

I haven't followed the ins and outs, so this is all I've got.

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SteveH said...

1. "raising the cap on charter schools"

This pressure has been good for our state, but it's not clear whether they will allow charter schools that set higher standards. The last thing most schools want is to set up a mechanism that drains away the most willing and able students. They provide too much cover.

2. "eliminating laws that establish a “firewall” between student achievement data and tenure decisions"

Is "firewall" your term or theirs? I can't imagine how this is done with full inclusion and differentiated instruction. These things ensure a firewall. Kids get to fifth grade without knowing their times table, but the tenure of the teacher depends on how well they prepare kids for standardized testing?

It won't happen because it doesn't deal directly with a major source of the problem. When your educational attitude is spiraling and leading the horse to water, then you are placing most of the burden of education on the student. This is a perfect formula for increasing the educational gap. As kids get older, it's too easy to point to the kids with helicopter parents and blame the rest. The worst part is that those kids will believe it's their own fault.