kitchen table math, the sequel: treemageddon

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Just saw David Pogue's column re: treemageddon.

This is what it looks like.

We missed most of the excitement Saturday night because we were in the city watching a play, God help me.* So, although the drive home was suspense-filled, we didn't figure out how bad it was 'til the day after when we got in the car to pick Jimmy up at his group home. Treemageddon is right. Block after block we saw huge, towering trees ripped up by the roots, lying akimbo across smashed roofs, smashed cars, and whole side streets. I'm not sure I had ever seen the root ball of a 6-story tree; in the space of one 10-minute drive I saw so many I lost count. Ed said it reminded him of when we drove through Los Angeles the day after the Northridge earthquake ogling all the crushed dingbats.

My neighbors across the way still don't have electricity & they don't see anyone working on the lines.

* Drove there and back in a Prius without mishap. No common sense-y (family motto).

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