kitchen table math, the sequel: what do students want, part 3

Thursday, March 25, 2010

what do students want, part 3

from Crimson Wife:
My DD would probably have "no word problems" high on her math wish list but when using math IRL, one is rarely handed an equation to solve. The math I use day in and day out are basically word problems:

"Crimson Wife has $70 in her wallet. She has to fill up her 12 gallon gas tank at $3.13/gallon. She also has to pay the $15 co-pay at the pediatrician's office. Does she have enough cash to purchase 2 kids' meals costing $4.99 each and a salad for herself costing $6.49? (ignore tax as she also has a bunch of loose change)"
what do students want, part 2

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Catherine Johnson said...

I may have to solicit C's wish list.

Speaking of C., he got a 100 on his geometry test!

I am SO happy for him.

If he'd gone to a regular school with regular middle class kids he would have had numerous 100s (well, maybe not, if he'd had Everyday Math...)

Instead he's spent so much time being a little fish in a big pond that he's semi-wrecked for math. At least, he says he is. ("I don't like math.")

I keep refusing to believe that.