kitchen table math, the sequel: anonymous on homeschooling results

Friday, April 9, 2010

anonymous on homeschooling results

Homeschooling can produce amazing results. Between K and 1st my son jumped 3 grade levels in reading, language, and math. Just recently he took a standardized math test for 6th graders (he was in the middle of Singapore 4A at the time) and his grade equivalent came back as 7.5.

Actually, I think that says more about average 7th graders than it does about my 2nd grade son.


Crimson Wife said...

My DD's Iowa Test of Basic Skills results came back today. She is a young 2nd grader (October birthday) and took the 3rd grade ITBS.

Reading 99th percentile Grade Level Equivalent 6.0
Language 99th percentile GLE 5.7
Math Concepts 99th percentile GLE 5.2
Math Problem Solving 99th percentile GLE 6.9
Math Computation 98th percentile GLE 4.5

Core total 99th percentile GLE 5.9

Her math computation skills breakdown was very high on addition & subtraction but lower on multiplication & division. That makes sense as she's currently working on those skills in Singapore 3A.

Crimson Wife said...

Oh, and by way of comparison, I used to take the grade-level California Achievement Test and always scored around the 95th percentile for math. So the fact that my DD is scoring in the 99th percentile on an above grade level test is testimony to the advantages of homeschooling with a solid curriculum (Right Start B & C, then Singapore).