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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Why Aren't We Hearing About This?

Minute 29-34
A Look at Arne Duncan’s VIP List of Requests at Chicago Schools and the Effects of his Expansion of Charter Schools in Chicago

Thanks to The Math UnderGround!


Independent George said...

Because it's Chicago - we set our expectations low, and our leaders live down to them.

concerned said...

But it's not just Chicago anymore...

Allison said...

I posted about this story a few weeks ago. The post required some reading, though, as my link was to Richard Fernandez' analysis of the story, and you had to actually read his account to activate the links.

The short answer to why the MSM doesn't report this story is quite obvious: it's in the tank for Obama, and this story could be damaging to him and his closest political operatives.

concerned said...

I was intrigued by the points made on the video about charters in Chicago - the organization, etc. and comparison to current national efforts.

I'm generally in support of charters and believe that competition can improve education.

As a teacher, I've always felt that if the school could find someone to do my job better, then they should hire them!

Anyway, on charters...the video once again reminded me that no organizational structure dependent on people is perfect or ever will be... it is up to individuals to constantly strive to do the right thing.