kitchen table math, the sequel: SAFMEDS how to

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SAFMEDS how to

SAFMEDS on the Web
Guidelines and Considerations for SAFMEDS
by John W. Eshleman, Ed.D.

Am not yet a user of SAFMEDS, but I will be.

Meanwhile, good news on the SAT prep front: after 2 weeks of study I appear to have added 50 points to my score, and I've got C. working and progressing, too. More anon.

SAT scores flash: C. earned a 780 on his SAT II World History test, which likely means he missed only 1 question on the test.

His percentile?

94th - ! Six percent of the test takers got every single question correct.

(C. is going into his junior year.)

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