kitchen table math, the sequel: Cassy T takes technology

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cassy T takes technology

The first day of ed school, the advisor/professor told students that we should expect to be studying for 30 hours for the 15 credits we were taking that semester. The students revolted! They simply could not believe the courses would take so much time. Most of us also had FT jobs teaching.

FYI- I was required to take a technology course in which the culminating assignment was a powerpoint e-portfolio. This was 7 years ago. No wikis then.

I don't even know what a Powerpoint portfolio is.


Anonymous said...

Why would someone who is working full time sign up to be a full time student as well? why not go to school part-time?

JanetC said...

Possibly the ed school doesn't have a part time program.

TerriW said...

I worked 40 hours a week (at a bakery!) when I was in college. The deal I had with my parents was that they would pay 2/3 tuition, I would pay 1/3 tuition, books and living expenses. So I had to work.

Financial aid was not an option because every year I would fill out my FAFSA and then send it to my parents to fill out their section ... and they never did. Heh.

So I moved to Washington, lived and worked for a year so I could become a resident (and pay resident tuition), found super cheap housing and a job with good college student hours (that I could eat at, to boot!) -- MWF, 1-9 and SA/Su, 5-1. I was in class M-F, 8-12.

Also, Evergreen doesn't -- or didn't, at least -- really have much by way of a part-time option. You enrolled for one 48 credit full year program, instead of individual mix and match classes.

It was tough, but you do what you gotta. (Probably helped that I wasn't a drinker.)

CassyT said...

My ed program was 2 nights a week 6pm - 10pm for about a year and a half, then we student-taught spring semester...and since most of us were teaching anyway, that wasn't too bad.

I'll post the syllabus & requirements for the powerpoint portfolio and you'll see how rigorous that course was. My gpa in ed school was 4.0. I was the one sitting in psch or science methods courses asking questions while my cohorts begged me to keep quiet so we could get out early.

But I'll bet you could guess that about me ;-)

Catherine Johnson said...

Terri- wow!

What a story.

Good for you.