kitchen table math, the sequel: onward and upward

Monday, October 11, 2010

onward and upward


Catherine Johnson said...

I had never heard of this guy -- !

He's hilarious.

Love the part about having to call the president to get credit approval...

Louis C.K. Everything's Amazing & Nobody's Happy

K9Sasha said...

Thank for sharing. I loved it!

Anonymous said...

Someone was talking on the radio about having an old rotary phone in their home just for kicks. The kids would go up to it and stick a finger in one of the holes and just push.

He is pretty funny, but he can get quite raunchy.


Catherine Johnson said...

That's what C. said -- normally he's raunchy.

I LOVE the old George Carlin routine where he says, "When you dial a phone number, do you let your finger take the ride back?"

The audience cracked up 'cause everyone took the "0 ride" when we had rotary phones.