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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This is interesting:
Despite poorer health, shorter lives and more strenuous jobs, in 1950 the typical individual did not claim Social Security until age 68.5. In 1950, more than 20% of Americans worked in physically demanding jobs; today only about 8% do. While today's technology-driven service economy places demands on older workers, it is hard to imagine that things were easier when Americans typically worked on farms or in factories.
Raise the Early Retirement Age
by Andrew G. Biggs
LA Times 11/9/2010

I had no idea.

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lgm said...

Strange article; seems to focusing on the short term. Yes, boomers' e mployers do have medical costs associated with the pension plans the boomers have, but the younger workers companies don't. These folks only have 401K and no medical benefits unless they work or become eligble for SS. Considering they'll be taking care of the boomers, they shouldn't be left out of the calculations.