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Saturday, December 18, 2010

leaning tower of PISA

In Britain, where results showed students falling behind peers in Estonia and Slovenia, Education Minister Michael Gove promised to overhaul the examination system to make it tougher, using tests from China and South Korea as benchmarks. Britain will “explicitly borrow from these education tiger nations,” Mr. Gove said.
Western Nations React to Poor Education Results
Published: December 8, 2010
Estonia and Slovenia?

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Amy P said...

Just think of Estonia as Southern Finland (they were always one of the best developed parts of the Soviet Union). I wouldn't feel that bad about being behind the Estonians, although I expect the technology component of the Estonian schools lags quite a bit behind the British (and the British have the advantage of speaking the language of the internet. I was just looking this up (didn't get too far), but I found this article from 1997, where the Estonians boast that by 1999, they hope to have a computer for every 20 students!