kitchen table math, the sequel: Pat and Bob

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pat and Bob

Robert H. Johnson
born: July 2,
died: October 29, 2010

Patricia Alice Johnson
born: August , 1929
died: January 25, 2010

We miss them.


Allison said...

Our condolences for you and your family. If only we could do more.

K9Sasha said...

They look like wonderful people. I'm sorry for your loss.

Glen said...

Sorry, Catherine. Best wishes to your family.

SteveH said...

I'm so sorry, Catherine. They look like people one would want to know.

concernedCTparent said...

What a beautiful memory this picture is. I'm terribly sorry for your loss, Catherine.

Hainish said...

So sorry for you and your husband.

kcab said...

So sorry for your family's loss, Catherine.

Crimson Wife said...

My condolences to you and your family. We lost the matriarch of our family in September (my 99 y.o. grandma) and I miss her dearly.

Grace Nunez said...

That is a wonderful photo; they both look as if they are full of spunk. If so, too bad that trait skipped a generation. ;)

Independent George said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

Amy P said...

My condolences.

Catherine Johnson said...

Thanks so much you guys --- it means a lot --- !

Coming back from my mom's funeral has been soooo strange. I was emailing with Barry & Allison about this life doesn't seem 'the same.'

Everything is still here, in its place, but it's all different.

What's that David Bowie song?

"This isn't your beautiful wife. // This isn't your beautiful house."

Aren't those the lyrics?

That's what it feels like.

SO odd, and unexpected.

Catherine Johnson said...

One of the nice things about going through old photos of the family was seeing how often everyone is beaming --- including my dad, who had a lot of problems.

Can't remember if I've said this in the past, but I'm sure my dad was autistic. I think he had Asperger's (haven't been able to find out whether he had a language delay, but I assume that a language delay would have been part of family lore).

He had a temper; when I co-wrote Shadow Syndromes I realized that my dad had tantrums. That's what they were: tantrums.

He wasn't a sunny guy, but so often in the photos he looks like he's having the time of his life with us all -- and I think he was.

I also have a set of two photos I may link to at some point....oh, gosh. They're our family's version of American gothic. It's us four kids on the farm, dressed up in Easter clothes and posed formally for the camera.

In one photo the four of us surround our dad, who looks furious and I'm sure was furious for heaven knows what reason.

In the other photo it's just the four kids in the same clothes, same spot, same positions -- and we are BEAMING.

I call it "the Pat family" and "the Bob family" -- and I don't think that's unkind. Pat (we called my folks by their first names) was a golden retriever; she was innately sunny.

My dad: not!

True for some of us kids, too.