kitchen table math, the sequel: bubble this

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

bubble this

C. and I take sample SAT tests together every day just about.....and I make bubbling errors.

Bubbling errors!

I bubble in the wrong bubble!

Today I bubbled in TWO wrong bubbles! On reading for Pete's sake.

How does that happen?

It's not like I'm racing for time; I finish reading sections several minutes early. (And, yes, I do see that the obvious answer is: stop finishing several minutes early. But I thought I had stopped.)

The good news is that I managed to complete every question in Section 8 (Math), Text 6 on page 729-733 of the Blue Book, and I only missed one: number 14. Number 14 is rated "hard" but I missed it because of a dumb mistake, which I think is a good sign.

Number 14  is one of the problems I'm supposed to skip according to my SAT Game Plan.

The Official SAT Study Guide, 2nd edition

The New Math SAT Game Plan


Debbie Stier said...

I've started to bond with the New Math SAT Game Plan. I think I'm liking it, AND, I think it's helping.

And btw, on the real SAT....I made a major bubble blunder. I filled in about 10 bubbles of the WRONG SECTION. I went back and tried to fix but was rushed and have no idea if I did it correctly.

And of course, now I come to find out that the SAT never gives you back the actual test, so I will never get to know if I fixed the problem. Somehow I doubt I did.

Note to self for next Sat.: "careful with the Bubbles"

SteveH said...

In eighth grade, while taking the Iowa Basics test (I think), I started a new section of the test bubbling the wrong block of bubbles. I only realized it when I ran out of bubbles near the end.


Catherine Johnson said...

oops indeed----

Catherine Johnson said...

I made ANOTHER bubbling error today.

SOOOO frustrating.

otoh, I'm exhausted -- didn't get to bed 'til late -- and semi-under the weather

Apparently, when you're exhausted and semi under the weather, it is not possible to recognize congruent triangles.

Especially when they are NOT DRAWN TO SCALE.