kitchen table math, the sequel: Evaluating Teachers - a teen's perspective

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Evaluating Teachers - a teen's perspective

Having one son in a charter school and sports means plenty of driving. Yesterday, I was taking three boys from the high school to the baseball fields a couple of miles away and was lucky to hear this nugget of wisdom:
C: The principal was observing Mr. X (the Latin teacher) today. Class was so much better than usual, we didn't just sit there and read like we usually do.
T: Totally.
J: Yeah, teachers really seem to have better lessons when Principal Y or Mr. Z (Headmaster) is watching them. It's like they think it though better and try to make it more fun to show-off or something.


Exo said...

And in many cases the lesson just goes better because the students behave better...Just saying.

CassyT said...

The kids don't act up so much at this school. There only 9 of them in this Latin III course, 90 in the high school.

You make a good point. I've seen the super behavior classrooms when observing math lessons. Students have told me "Mrs. Johns told us you were coming in and we had better on our best behavior."

I've also observed classes where the kids are crazy when a visitor or the principal comes into the class. First advice to that principal? You should probably stop by and observe more often.

Exo said...

Also account that the teacher will try to exhibit all the things that the observer is looking for... We know the rubrics. And if it's not the first time observation, we know the observer. Some supervisors want to see "students interactions", others will look for use of technology etc.

Catherine Johnson said...

Oh gosh ----- my college kids last fall were SOOOOO sweet when I was observed.

It was amazing.

One of them carried the whole class on his shoulders ---- (he's a Marine, fyi)

Catherine Johnson said...

Funny story ---- !