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Sunday, March 13, 2011


This is the first picture I've seen that gave me a sense of what the tsunami that hit Japan actually looked like.

And the aftershocks go on: 275 new tremors hit quake-torn Japan as fears grow for missing 10,000 in flattened port town
By Jo Macfarlane
Last updated at 8:55 PM on 13th March 2011

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SteveH said...

Most of the explanations I heard were wrong in one way or another. That picture is better than most explanations. It's the Murray Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect.

What I didn't like on was that on the first day, I had to watch a 30 second Tide commercial before seeing breaking news. On the second day, I started to see stories with music in the background. Then I watched Anderson Cooper importantly proclaim that he had to leave right then to fly to Japan. I'm waiting for the big news name (Ring of Fire!) for the event and the musical score.