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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Perfect Score Project

It's here!

I've been having beaucoup fun with SAT math (not so much with SAT reading, which is TAXING).

I've just started re-taking the Blue Book math tests.

I don't consciously remember the questions, but I'm a hell of a lot faster -- I finish with time to spare -- and I get almost all of them right.

Which I think is interesting.


What next said...

I agree, SAT reading has nothing to redeem it. The vocabulary can be mildly fun, but the passages and questions always made me want to gouge my eyes out.

SteveH said...

For math, what is your opinion now about the line between test prep and real learning? When does test prep become learning? Are there some problems you can do now because of test prep more than because of learning?

Where did you start with your SAT math scores originally? How do you think you compare with the average person in math? (I think you are way above average in terms of drive and persistence.) Can others do what you are doing (academically)?

Have you done some ACT tests? Are the questions more straight forward (less tricky)? Since you are very deep into this process, I would find your views very interesting. Everyone says that test prep doesn't help much. What do you call what you are doing? Do you try to learn math and then take the test, or do you let the tests drive your learning? If you let the tests drive your learning, do you feel that your are missing important material?

SteveH said...

One more comment - I don't expect that letting the test drive your learning will work well when it comes to basic gaps in knowledge, like fractions or basic algebra, so have you had any of those problems? How have you approached counting problems? Did you go off and try to get up to speed on the subject before going back to tackle the SAT questions?