kitchen table math, the sequel: Tiger Mothering on the Daily Show

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tiger Mothering on the Daily Show

In case you missed it. Enjoy and don't forget your chopsticks.


Catherine Johnson said...

oh my gosh - watching it now -- hilarious

America threw a sh**fit!

Catherine Johnson said...

'hit me with chopsticks' ---

my mom used to swat us with the flyswatter

Catherine Johnson said...

'dweck. that's not asian.'

Catherine Johnson said...

'the remaining 42% make pie charts for white Americans'!!!!

Catherine Johnson said...

oh my gosh

that was hilarious

Catherine Johnson said...

they develop their own notes over a few years and then write their own book from those notes after teaching the course for several years.

That's a big difference.

A history professor writes lectures, but he doesn't write a textbook unless he actually **does** write a textbook for a publishing company, in which case he might assign his or her own textbook to the class.

That said, I've misspoken: college professors write 'curriculum' in the sense of creating the structure of the class and choosing what topics will be taught --- ALTHOUGH to a large and important degree the professor doesn't 'choose' the topics; the topics have been chosen by the field.

One other thing: college textbooks are peer-reviewed. From the initial proposal all the way through to the final manuscript, the text is read and reviewed by specialists in the field.

Anonymous said...

Catherine, this last comment is in the wrong thread.