kitchen table math, the sequel: the return of bubbling errors

Saturday, May 7, 2011

the return of bubbling errors


In honor of his first go at the SAT this morning, C. and I took a math section from the Blue Book last night.

C.'s score jumped to 670 (he was scoring as low as 550 in January), and I would have jumped to 750 or thereabouts if I hadn't made another freaking bubbling error.

I thought I was done with those.

The one question I missed fair and square was in the careless error dumb mistake category.

Speaking of dumb mistakes, I've now taken so many SAT math sections that I can distinguish between careless error and dumb mistake.

careless error: you misread the question
dumb mistake: you misinterpret the question

The Official SAT Study Guide, 2nd edition

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