kitchen table math, the sequel: Today's Mantra: Learn to Mastery, Then Add 20% More Study Time

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today's Mantra: Learn to Mastery, Then Add 20% More Study Time

Willingham's advice has been incredibly useful as my son heads into finals this season.

Interestingly, my son seems as intrigued by the study advice as I am, and wants to read the articles and book for himself when school ends.

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And speaking of books, I am currently obsessed with brain/how we learn books. In the past month I have read:

Moonwalking with Einstein (about memory -- but includes brain research)

The Shallows (I'm about 3/4 done. Well worth the read. I'm identifying strongly.)

About to read:


concernedCTparent said...

The Shallows has been a gripping read. I am identifying as well, which is a problem. Things needs to change around here and soon.

Debbie Stier said...

I was just reading my daughter's report from her teachers for an upcoming meeting, and all of the teachers say that she gets distracted by the computer. My one complaint with her school is that they have a "laptop" program. I understand why they did it (15 years ago), but I think it's a mistake.

I'm savoring the last bits of The Shallows. Don't want it to end, which is always a good sign.