kitchen table math, the sequel: gaps

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


From the reading and math, math and reading comments thread:

Erica writes:
You can tell C. that I beat him: 220 point gap between CR and math (800/580), and I actually knew a couple of people with even larger gaps (800/560, 800/490!).
Independent George wrote:
I scored a 420 on my Writing achievement test (waaaay back in 1994). I had a 720 on the SAT-Verbal, and a 5 on the AP English test, but I scored 420 on the writing test.
C. has a friend who got an 800 on reading and a 550 on math.

He's still only at 670 on writing, which is equally ridiculous! (Ridiculous because he's losing his points on the grammar section.) Erica's going to shape him up.

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