kitchen table math, the sequel: Martha Kolln on new verbs and old

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Martha Kolln on new verbs and old

Most of our verbs -- all except 150 or so -- are regular, as are all the new verbs that we acquire. For example, here are two recent acquaisitions:

I faxed a letter to you yesrerday.
I have e-mailed the invitation to our reunion.

Understanding English Grammar 8th edition
Martha Kolln and Robert Funk
p. 68
I guess people can stop worrying about the weird new words being created by texting teenagers.

The new verbs are lots more regular than the old ones.

Understanding English Grammar By Kolln & Funk (8th, Eighth Edition)

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The Opinionated Homeschooler said...

That's all right, we can make up for the influx by transforming perfectly regular "weak" verbs (sneak, sneaked, sneaked; dive, dived, dived) into "strong" verbs (sneak, snuck, snuck; dive, dove, dove).