kitchen table math, the sequel: The Learning Part is Easy; It's the Remembering That's Hard

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Learning Part is Easy; It's the Remembering That's Hard

A commenter pointed me to this Wired article about Piotr Wozniak and SuperMemo. Has anyone tried SuperMemo?

These quotes from the article describe how I feel, to a tee.

Learning things is easy. But remembering them — this is where a certain hopelessness sets in.

Wozniak felt that his ability to rationally control his life was slipping away. "There were 80 phone calls per day to handle. There was no time for learning, no time for programming, no time for sleep...."

Our capacity to learn is amazingly large. But optimal learning demands a kind of rational control over ourselves that does not come easily. Even the basic demand for regularity can be daunting.

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RMD said...

I've used Supermemo. It's very powerful, but tough to use. The best thing about Supermemo is the web site. . . terrific resources about the memory and how to use it.

After using Supermemo for a while, I settled on Anki. It's cross-platform. (iphone, PC, Mac)

If done daily, these systems definitely work. And they keep one focused on the most important material. Also, they should be combined with mnemonics.

Debbie Stier said...

Wow. A few people have said IT WORKS! I am just about to start Cog Med (tomorrow) and have emailed the doctor to ask if it conflicts.

Anonymous said...

Yes, supermemo is fantastic; I use it with my 6 year old and my 10 year old, and for myself. The interface is a bit confusing, less so in the versions for phones. Mnemosyne is a free, open source, cross-platform version that also works well. You'll never want to use normal (I.e. Without spaced repetition) flashcards again.