kitchen table math, the sequel: Free access to expanded version of U.S. News college rankings

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Free access to expanded version of U.S. News college rankings

Free access is courtesy of Google.  Hurry, because this offer expires  Thursday, September 15!
Today, U.S. News and World Report released their 28th annual ranking of the top higher-education institutions across the nation. While this list of schools represents traditions of academic excellence that span centuries, these institutions also clearly recognize the importance (and value) of modern technology in academia. Google has just announced that 61 of this year’s top 100 universities have chosen Google Apps for Education to improve communication and collaboration on campus.
Free Access To Rankings From Google
To show their appreciation to these schools, and to help students better explore and evaluate their college options, Google is providing a year’s worth of free access to the U.S. News complete rankings for anyone who registers before Friday, September 16. Just sign up and you’re all set.
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Grace said...

I know these rankings have their limitations, but they do serve as a good source of information on colleges.