kitchen table math, the sequel: Blue Book

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blue Book

October 2, 2011
the Blue Book

5 comments: said...

Boy, I really am a party of 1 now :(

If the CB only knew what a terrible misfortune that is.

Catherine Johnson said...


I have shots of C. trying to light his Blue Book on fire.

I say "trying" because you can't do it with kitchen matches or that lighter thingie you use for the grill.

You need a flame thrower.

Catherine Johnson said...

C. also took his book out and batted it to kingdom come using a fat wiffle bat he found in the garage. I didn't get that on video, unfortunately.

Catherine Johnson said...

C. does not have his driver's license, btw.

We delayed the license 'cuz we were endlessly doing SAT math.

Now I have to drive him to his Service work in Yonkers every Saturday.

Catherine Johnson said...

For his Service, C. is working with autistic kids.

He could stay home and do that, but it wouldn't count.